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PP meltblown nonwoven fabric machine
Product Description

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets

Delivery: Less than 30 days

Port: Shanghai

Payment Terms: L/C at sight,T/T

Product Introduction

1.Extruder SJ-50 / 30, power 11kw, button control, ABB inverter control, Omron temperature controller


2.Melt metering pump 1.1kw power


3. Die head 600mm, spinneret hole 0.3mm. Heater 15kw, heating power 40kw


4. Mesh belt forming machine, power 1.5kw. Effective width 800mm. The mesh belt is equipped with a centrifugal fan 4kw


5.Electrostatic electret, effective width 800mm, 120kv


6. Rewinding and slitting machine, effective width 800mm, rewinding power 1.5kw, slitting 0.75kw

Capacity: 200~300 kg/24hrs

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Contact Sales Team

Address: No. 81 Xixian Road, Fangqian Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China
Tel: +86-510-88888090
Email: sales@jksjx.com


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