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PVC Imitation Marble Production Skill Technology Machine And Price

Wuxi JKS Machinery Manufacturer Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialized in PVC imitation marble sheet production machine, PVC imitation marble profile production machine, PVC floor tile production machine, etc. 

PVC imitation marble production line is composed of automatic feeding& mixing  machine, automatic feeding& double screw conical extruder, sheet mould, 3-roller sheet press machine, automatic cutter etc. The unit is compact and superior in performance. Screw, barrel by the optimal design, and the use of high-performance alloy steel professional processing, so that the machine has a uniform plastic, extrusion stability, high yield, long life and other advantages. Machine barrels with cast aluminum heater heating, air cooling, precision electronic control instrument to control the temperature. Precision stereotypes calender device, through its good adjustment function to make the plate shape fine. The cutting part adopts fixed length cutting device to ensure the board length is accurate.

PVC imitation marble sheet extrusion equipment application prospects are very broad. The complete line is automatic, easy to operate and maintain. With many years actual practical experience, we are the leader in this field in China. We provide a complete production technology and technical support, people has no production experience can also master the production process in a short time.

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