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PVC Artificial Marble Sheet Extrusion Line
Product Description

Min.Order Quantity:1 Set/Sets

Delivery:Less than 30 days


Payment Terms:L/C at sight,T/T

Product Introduction

Machine  Description

Raw Material & Machine Brief


Raw Material & Formulation

PVC Powder + Caco3, ratio about 1:2.5~3, and some chemical


Extruding capacity

400~600kg/hr, about 1800m2 of 3mm thickness sheet per day.


Marble sheet width

Max. 1220mm


Marble sheet thickness

1~10mm adjustable


Extruder height



Color of equipment

Standard Color: white and orange.

Product information:

1, The screw adopt the design of special mixing material function and high plasticization capacity. This guarantee the uniformity of plastic melting, coloring and the high output.
2, Clothes rack type mould head adopt double throttling design, which make the more precision of adjusting the thickness of sheet.
3, The ±1℃ precision degree of temperature control can control the plasticization precess, thickness and surface smooth of sheet accurately.
4, The arrange of roller can be vertical , horizontal or free adjusting type, which can give more selection basing on different thickness of sheet.
5, The screw adjusting and oil pressure press-roller double direction adjusting can control the thickness of sheet accurately.
6, The double loop cooling system and mould temperature controller are adopted to control press-roller temperature, by which sheet thickness can be controlled accurately.
7, The cutting machine can cut the sheet to get the accurate length.
8, The winder adopt high torque motor, which cooperating with four shaft automatic strain control can adjust the winding speed and winding strain to obtain the smooth winding. The slitting device can cut the sheet free width.
9. The automatic measuring meter instrument can set the length of sheet.


Plastic marble with the advantages of environmental protection, light in weight, easy maintenance, no radiation, cheap in price, is now popular in decoration such as in KTV, hotel, pub etc.

We are advanced and experienced in technology and skills, designed and producted the first plast marble production line in China.






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