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SPC PVC flooring production line we supply formulation and training

1, SPC floor description:


SPC floor also called SPC calcium plastic floor is a product first extruded the PVC substrate by conical double screw extruder, then laminate the PVC pattern film, PVC wearing layer and PVC basement film the same time by 4-roller press machine.The technique is simple, and the laminating is completed by heat, no need glue.


The formulation of SPC floor is environmental, there is no harmful material such as heavy metals, phthalates or formaldehyde, meets the standards of EN 14372EN 649-2011IEC 62321GB 4085-83.


The density of SPC floor: 1.9~2t/cbm.

The shrinkage of SPC floor: ≤1‰after tempering

≤2.5‰without tempering

(Shrinkage test standard: 80℃, 6 hours)


Advantages of SPC floor: SPC flooring Physical performance is stable and reliable, Chemical indicators meet international standards.

Disadvantages of SPC SPC floor: SPC flooring is heavy in weight, so the transportation cost is high.

Comparison of SPC Floor with WPC Floor: SPC floor manufacturing process is simple, production costs is low, can recover the investment fast.


2、SPC floor photo:



3SPC floor manufacturing process


Step 1Material mixing:

According to clause 3put the material into mixing machine. Hot mixing temperature125℃to mix the material evenly, and exclude moisture from the material. Then cool mixing, to cool down the material, prevent agglomeration and discoloration, cool mixing temperature: 55℃.

Step 2Extruding

Put the material into Conical twin screw extruder. Heating and extrudingdie4-roller press machinepattern film laminatingwearing layer laminatingcoolingcutting

Step 3UV and tempering

UV coatingtemperingtempering hot water temperature80120℃cool water temperature10℃

Step 4Cutting, lock making and packing

Cuttinglocking makinginspectingpacking


4SPC floor capacity


  SJZ92/188 Conical twin extruder capacity:16 ton/24 hrs

4mm thickness floor weight8 kg/㎡(density2.0);

16000 ton÷8 kg=2000 ㎡/24hrs;


5SPC floor production line

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