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The new favorite of the flooring industry-high performance SPC waterproof floor

SPC flooring combines the advantages of solid wood flooring, reinforced flooring, and PVC flooring. It has the real texture of wood flooring, and has the function of waterproof and wear resistance.

WHY SPC waterproof floor is popular with consumers

1. Youth, personality, fashion, design

SPC floor is very rich in a design sense. We can design a variety of rich patterns and styles according to our needs to meet our colorful life. It can have the texture of wood and the stone effect of tiles. The superior cost performance is not only a product of the development of the times but also an innovative product for the individual needs of consumers;

SPC is extremely plastic, and can be customized in various styles according to user needs. The same style can be designed in different colors.

2. Safer, greener and more economical

As a brand new material, SPC flooring does not require deforestation compared with wooden flooring. It is extremely friendly to nature and ecology. It is not only simple 

to install but also recyclable. The source of formaldehyde in the floor is mainly glue. Flooring installation Glue, SPC waterproof floor can achieve zero formaldehyde because its material and structure do not use glue.

3.100% waterproof, can be used in kitchen and bathroom space

All of SPC are welcomed by consumers. The important point is that it is 100% not afraid of water, very wear-resistant and dirt-resistant. The bottom of Geelong SPC stone crystal waterproof floor has a special mute pad, which makes the floor more flexible, better mute effect Families with the elderly and children are safer and easier to clean up;

4.Easy to install

The SPC floor is installed in a floating lock, and the floor does not need special treatment. It can be installed directly after leveling / self-leveling. In addition, it can be installed directly on the original tiles and the floor, without having to knock off the old tiles, it is also very suitable for the renovation and renovation of old houses.

What space is SPC waterproof floor suitable for?

SPC waterproof floor is suitable for many spaces and places, suitable for home and business, kitchen, living room, bathroom, kindergarten, school, office building, hotel, shop, chain store, showroom, gym, basement and so on . 

It is believed that the heat of the SPC floor will gradually increase in recent years. With the gradual understanding of the SPC floor, as well as its superior waterproof performance, various fashion styles, and extremely high stability, the SPC floor is not only The new darling is also a demand for social development. It does not require deforestation to enhance natural environmental protection and can be recycled. It is an improvement for both the individual family and the national society.

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