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Advantages of PP Hollow Construction Board

1. Easy to assemble and disassemble

It is easy and quick to operate with the snap fastener. The surface of the mold plate is smooth and clean, and the mold plate is automatically demolding. No cleaning and maintenance is needed, no demolding agent is needed, the construction efficiency can be improved by 40% compared with steel formwork and 40% compared with bamboo formwork.

Easy to assemble, easy to disassemble

For the same floor area, the hollow building template saves about 40% time than the traditional template. The form of the hollow energy-saving building is very different from the Coefficient of thermal expansion of the concrete. After pouring, the form can be separated from the concrete automatically by the change of temperature and the setting of the concrete, the operating time will also be greatly saved.

3. Safe and easy to move

The hollow building template has a density of 0.4 grams per cubic centimeter, which is only 1 / 21 of the weight of steel. A worker can easily carry a 900 mm and 1,800 mm template in each hand. In the process of using, the formwork will not deform and will not absorb water, which can greatly improve the construction safety, and its breakage rate is less than 1.

4. Performance is stable and good

Polypropylene Resin as the base material, making more environmental protection. Polypropylene Resin (PP particles) is a kind of crystalline polymer with a regular structure. It is a light milk-white particle, tasteless, non-toxic and lightweight thermoplastic resin. It has good mechanical properties, good heat resistance and good chemical stability, acid, alkali, and organic solvent resistance. - 10 °C to 75 °C temperature conditions, no shrinkage, no wet inflation, no cracking, no deformation, size stability.

5. Go Green

Hollow Plastic Board using modern chemical HDPE and HDPP materials is a lightweight (hollow structure), non-toxic. Plastic instead of wood, plastic instead of steel, plastic instead of bamboo, can be recycled more than 50 times, recycling, will not produce hazardous waste, will not produce toxic gases, reducing the destruction of the environment.

6. Malleable

It can be sawed, planed, drilled and nailed, and can be combined with accessories to form any geometric shape at will to meet the demand of formwork support for building components of various shapes. As the hollow plastic template is a special molding process, through the color master can achieve any color, and smooth surface, easy to print.





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